Welcome to the burmese breeders web site.

Remark to the english version: sorry- my english is not perfect. Feel welcome to send me a mail, if you find errors.

We are some burmese breeders and have decidet, that we enjoy to work together at this wonderful hobby like to breed burmese cats :-).
Working friendly and honest together allowes also a better care for heath issues.

Our device:
Friendliy to cats
Friendliy to cat buyers
Friendliy to other breeders

At our site 'actual litters' you can see, who has kitten at the moment and witch are availible.

We all breed for health first.
We care specially good for our cats and our kitten should bring long time joy to your familie.

All invest a lot love in their breeds.
We are hobby breeders. Mass breeder and breeder, who breed only for money are not allowed in our group.

Rules for breeders of this group are:

1. ...follow soon (until End of June)

Breeder, who also believe in this list criteria and want to be added to this site are wellcome.


Responsible for this website is:
Karen Bücken
Annastasse 22 in 40764 Langenfeld